About Us

The Podcast

Pass the Hot Sauce is a twice monthly podcast focused on the classic teen alien high school drama Roswell. We’re discussing the original series episode by episode, spoiler-free. Join us every other Tuesday as we dive deep into the angsty, spicy goodness.

The Hosts

LaRena is a queer California native who grew up in the 90’s obsessed with all that teen angst on the WB. From Roswell to Buffy to Dawson’s Creek, she watched it all. When she grew up she did what most people dream of and ran away to the circus for eight years. LaRena can currently be found adulting in NYC as an office manager, professional Ravenclaw, nerd trivia champion, and avid theatre goer.

Lisa is a dog mom, Jazz Fest enthusiast, and Walt Disney World aficionado. She is a proud supporter of the arts in her adopted hometown of New Orleans, LA. Her hobbies include attending community theatre, hosting cabaret nights, and anything that involves costumes. Lisa strongly recommends that everyone experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans at least once (she promises it’s totally family-friendly). Although she’s a baby of the late 80s, Lisa somehow missed out on all the teen drama series that aired during her middle and high school years. She can’t quite remember what she was doing at the time—probably hanging out in AIM chat rooms or practicing for her Bat Mitzvah—but she’s excited to finally dive in to the wonderful world of Roswell.

Aliza is a proud Jewish woman living in Massachusetts and loving all of the teen sci-fi that the world has to offer. When she is not watching Roswell, she can also be found working with youth on the Autism spectrum, geeking out on languages (she speaks four), and helping spread fat positivity and body-posi vibes to everyone. Aliza has been a fan of Roswell since it originally aired and is pleased to be sharing that love with new and long-time fans alike.

Ashley, our producer and audio editor, is a music- and TV-loving Tennessee resident and Animal Mom to two cats and two dogs. She started down the path of all things nerdy at the ripe age of nine when she discovered and fell in love with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is a Social Worker by day but in her time off she enjoys traveling and going to live concerts and music festivals. While Buffy remains her favorite show, she is also a huge fan of shows like Wynonna Earp, Veronica Mars, Stranger Things, and Parks and Recreation. She somehow missed Roswell in its prime, but is so excited to be taking this journey now!