Episode 1.03: Monsters

Maria wants to tango! Isabel is a special girl! Max and Liz do something? But OMG MARIBEL!!! This week, hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa discuss what is quite possibly the gayest episode of Roswell: season 1, episode 3, Monsters.

Sources, Notes, & Corrections

Jingle Credits

“The Tango Maribel” – written and performed by resident music-maker Aliza Ora

Bonus Jingle B-Side

Check our Instagram for a bonus jingle, “The S.S. Maribel” with lyrics and vocals by Lisa Abigail.
The music and other sounds were sourced from freesound.org.
Under the vocals, you’ll hear bagpipes recorded during a parade by daveincamas, seagull sounds by NoiseCollector, and a lovely foghorn by stevebob69.