Episode 1.05: Missing

Liz’s diary is missing! Detective Maria is on the case! Michael gets super into art! This week hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa are discussing season 1 episode 5, Missing.

Michael showing off his geodesic dome drawing, and Isabel looking on with concern

Sources & Notes

  • Michael has his own bedroom, in accordance with the requirements for foster families in New Mexico. (Children aren’t allowed to share bedrooms with other children of “the opposite sex,” nor are they allowed to share a bedroom with an adult.)
  • In that bedroom, he keeps this weird drawing(?) that looks like it could be The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Michael with a poster of washed-out men in suits
  • I can’t say for sure whether or not New Mexico schools have lots of outdoor spaces, but it looks like Roswell High School may encompass a series of buildings, so there could be opportunities for a fair amount of walking around in the sunshine.
  • It’s…subtle…that Maria is engaged in a paranoid hunt for diary-napping suspects when Alex approaches to talk about a project on McCarthy, presumably professional life-ruiner Senator Joseph McCarthy.
  • CONTROL is indeed from Get Smart. So much for Car Talk’s theory that two confident people are more likely to be wrong than one confident person. Take that, Car Talk!
  • Speaking of, I am confident that Bob Clendenin was in at least one episode of at least three shows you like.
  • Michael definitely would have gotten in some kind of trouble—as would his foster father—if he had missed that much class.
  • The Roswell team definitely needed a show bible. Learn more about what that is and read some examples from shows that actually knew how to write them.
  • So…consortium. The Cambridge Dictionary insists that it’s pronounced with a “tee-uh” sound in both the US and the UK, but Merriam-Webster has it pronounced with a “sh” sound, so you be the judge.
  • Among Us by James Atherton is indeed not a real book. Here’s the Roswell wiki article on Atherton (beware—it contains SPOILERS for later seasons of Roswell). Spoilers also abound in this article from Roswell Oracle, my favorite old school fan website that I’ve found so far. And as I mentioned, the book does have its very own Facebook page, with seven fans (as of October 2019).
  • Here’s an interview with Jason Behr where he mentions trying to “tough it out” and eat Tabasco on the food during a scene. It went as poorly as one might imagine. They then switched to the V8 Berry Splash juice, as confirmed by Brendan Fehr in this interview.
  • The CD Kyle leaves in Liz’s room is Moby’s Play.
  • If you didn’t get my Mr. Miyagi reference, please stop what you’re doing and go watch The Karate Kid right now.
  • We didn’t mention the oddness of Michael’s art being in the Senior Art Show, despite the fact that it’s established that our heroes are sophomores.
  • R. Buckminster Fuller is generally credited with popularizing the geodesic dome for housing purposes. The first dome home was built under Fuller’s direction in 1960 (one year after Atherton’s death). Here are some examples of geodesic domes being put to various purposes—hiding secret alien info not among them…as far as we know.
  • Topolsky totally works for a vague, yet menacing, government agency.
  • The chemical composition of sugar is indeed C12H22O11. You can read all about it in my diary, where I refrain from endangering the lives of others. (AHEM, LIZ.)
  • The Valenti house is a totally different set in episode 5 than it was in episode 4. It’s kind of hard to screenshot, but if you watch the two scenes, it’s very clear. (Tiny, insignificant spoiler: Kyle’s room will be different in episode 6 as well. What were these crew members doing??)
  • Here’s a cactus from Cirque Du Soleil’s Luzia show. Here’s a trio of cacti from the show, including one that’s maybe NSFW, because Cirque du Soleil is weird AF. And here’s Rachel Bloom as a sexy fashion cactus in the video for “Love Kernels” (which is a parody of/homage to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”) from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. If you haven’t seen that show, please go watch it now. Forget what I told you about The Karate Kid; this is way better. Seriously. Here, just watch this, okay?
  • The green book closest to Liz changes a few times in the exchange between Max and Liz in the archive area of the UFO Museum. Thanks, Alien Ghost!