Episode 1.06: 285 South

Maria’s been abducted! The kids all go to a porno hotel! Detective Kyle is on the case! This week hosts LaRena, Aliza, and Lisa are discussing season 1, episode 6, 285 South.

Sources & Notes

  • Michael could have looked up information on Atherton on AltaVista or AskJeeves, but not on Bing. AltaVista was established in 1995, Ask Jeeves in 1996, and Bing not until 2009.
  • The first dome home was built under R. Buckminster Fuller’s direction in 1960 (one year after Atherton’s given death date).
  • Marathon is an itty bitty town. It’s essentially guaranteed that you’ll see more stars than people!
  • Read more about my new favorite “pop architectural land art projects,” The Target Marathon and the Prada Marfa.
  • Read more about Marathon’s windmill jail and how it got its name in this article from the Texas State Historical Association.
  • This got cut from the episode, but I think it’s important to note that when Max goes to the sheriff’s station to pick up Michael, the clock outside of the sheriff’s station (with the neon sign!) says it’s 7:55am. (See Figure 1 below.) And they’ve had at least one period of class, as we saw them in history/biography/paparazzi training. What time does their school start?!
  • There’s a screenshot of the “Grab your guy” dance banner down in Figure 2 below.
  • The word queer was being reclaimed long before I was aware of it. Here are a few takes on historical and modern usage of the word: Bustle, Dazed, and the Columbia Journalism Review.
  • My America’s Most Wanted facts came from Wikipedia, because whatever, we’re 6 episodes in and my journalistic(?) integrity is out the window.
  • Ditto with my facts about The View. And my facts about Win Ben Stein’s Money.
  • Brendan Fehr’s reaction to Maria’s story is captured in Figure 3 below.
  • Photos of Elle MacPherson and Katherine Heigl are in Figure 4.
  • Advance Auto Parts concurs with Aliza’s dead: if your car is overheating when you’re driving at highway speeds, blast the heat to draw it away from the engine. But like, really, just stop driving the car, and turn it off. And if it’s already in flames, RUN.
  • There are a bunch of sources on Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino’s relationship. Here’s a fun one from my favorite Roswell fan site. Ditto Jason Behr and Katherine Heigl’s relationship. Here’s one with a cute photo.
  • I was wrong about them all abandoning their belongings when they left the Crashdown; upon further review, it seems that Liz did have her backpack when she left the diner. But I still maintain that Kyle’s history book story was dumb.
  • The candy bar Michael brought back was definitely a Mark Bar. See Figure 5 below. And if you have any information about this elusive (and probably made-up) candy, let me know.
  • Atherton is a time traveler and has a house that’s bigger on the inside, so obviously he’s a Time Lord.
  • The interview with Roswell executives about diversity was from the book Crash Into Me: The World of Roswell by Robyn Burnett. Majandra Delfino spoke about the executives not thinking she looked “Latin” enough in an interview.

Photos and Such

The sheriff's station clock shows the time as 7:55am
Figure 1: The clock outside the sheriff’s station shows 7:55am at the time of Max’s arrival. How long have Michael and Milton been sitting there? How early does W. Roswell High start school?? Why does the sheriff’s station have a neon sign???
Katherine Lestor Dance Banner
Figure 2: It’s the Katerine Lestor Dance. Next Friday Nite. Grab your guy before an alien…
Brendan Fehr looking just completely perplexed
Figure 3: Michael’s reaction to Maria’s masterful storytelling
Katherine Heigl and Elle MacPherson side-by-side photos
Figure 4: Katherine Heigl and Elle MacPherson
Michael's vending machine snacks, including the Mark Bar
Figure 5: The fabled Mark Bar
Note that this image has been flipped 180 degrees for label readability but is otherwise unchanged