Episode 1.08: Blood Brother

Max is in the hospital. Maria is cute with everyone. Alex finally stands up to Liz. And the truth about Topolsky is revealed! Join hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa for our discussion of Season 1, Episode 8: Blood Brother.

  • The song that describes Liz’s entire soul is “You Make Me Feel” by Jeremy Toback
  • Is Max’s Jeep road legal? Who knows.
  • HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is probably best known for its privacy rules. I’m pretty sure it’s a HIPAA violation for the hospital to disclose information about one of its patients to the school administrator.
  • The doctor requested a CBC, SMA 12, and a trauma panel for Max. This would require several vials of blood, as well as a urine sample. Here’s a fun presentation if you want to learn more about trauma protocol. And here’s more info on the full battery of diagnostic tests that would be run, including imaging, which you definitely don’t get out of by just telling the doctor you have homework to do. Oh hey, malpractice lawsuit!
  • Nurse Susan is played by Hilary Shepard, who appeared in Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space. She was 40 years old at the time this episode aired, so…ew. Definitely an ephebophile.
  • For evidence that Amy DeLuca must be selling her blow-up alien dolls in the UFO Center gift shop, see Figures 1 and 2 below. They also come in pink!
  • Much like Night Vale, time doesn’t seem to work in Roswell. Or the writers just can’t be bothered to work out trivial details like where and when their stories are unfolding.
  • When Isabel is stuck in the car outside the motel with Michael and Maria, she says, “I’m the one who should be complaining, stuck out here with you two” (see Figure 3). And she has a point. Stop cheating on your secret girlfriend, Maria!
  • Liz tells Max about the Crashdown’s special offer: a Blue Moon Burger, Saturn Rings, and a Mercury Milkshake for $3.99. That’s the equivalent of $6.16 now—quite a deal!
  • The WHO warns against the dangers of inhaling, ingesting, or coming into dermal contact with (touching) mercury. However, apparently mercury isn’t very well absorbed by our digestive systems, so you can eat a lot of it and be totally fine. (Please note that this podcast absolutely in no way recommends or condones eating any amount of mercury.) There’s also a big difference between methylmercury and elemental (metallic) mercury. Bottom line, if you come into contact with some mercury, best to just call your doctor and/or poison control center to see what’s what.
  • Aliza mentions *67, which can be dialed before making a phone call to prevent Caller ID from identifying your number.
  • Lots of drugs could give you nosebleeds, but not with any degree of certainty.
  • It looks like what Alex is eating is in fact a Sno Ball, a “food” product formerly manufactured by the Hostess company. I would tell you more about it, but just looking at the photos in the Wikipedia article made me vaguely nauseated, so you’re on your own there.
  • In 2010, forensic DNA tests generally took 24-72 hours to complete. Topolsky must have access to some super-secret advanced alien-detecting FBI technology.
  • Topolsky’s office looks different again. The screen shots are tedious to take, so just trust me on this one.
  • The Apple logo on laptops flipped from upside down to right side up in 1997, so this computer must be a few years old.
  • The cool, colorful iMacs were in the G3 series.
  • Birth rates are lower 9 months after a heat wave, but this may have more to do with heat harming sperm production than with rates of intercourse among cishet couples. This has some serious implications for fertility in the age of steadily worsening climate change.
  • I don’t have any more notes; that just seemed like a bummer of a fact to go out on. So…have a great day!
Person at UFO Center with green blow-up alien
Figure 1
Person leaving UFO Center with pink blow-up alien
Figure 2
Isabel: "I'm the one who should be complaining, stuck out here with you two."
Figure 3