Episode 1.09: Heat Wave

The temperature is rising in Roswell! Alex has classy dreams and doesn’t believe in aliens. Valenti has an agenda, as usual. And Alex and Liz spend some time in jail!? Join us this week as hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa discuss Season 1, Episode 9, Heat Wave!

Liz spying on Michael and Maria

Sources & Notes

  • Learn more about Second Noah, a show 8-year-old me enthusiastically recommends!
  • My anecdote about Maria feeling uncomfortable with her porny line in the eraser room comes from the book High Times: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Roswell High by Keith Topping.
  • The inspirational white water rafting poster was in Ms. Topolsky’s office in episode 7, River Dog. It’s been moved to Roswell’s one and only hallway at the beginning of this episode, and then it shows up in the girls’ bathroom by the time Maria and Liz are in there. This poster sure does get around! (See Figures 1, 2, and 3 below.)
  • Slug sex. It’s…um…a thing. That happens. In nature. And it is…magical? Weird? Gross? Beautiful? All of the above? If you want to decide for yourself, check out this video narrated by David Attenborough. But like, be warned that this is a video of slug sex, so don’t blame me if it gives you the ookies.
  • When Maria references Pollyanna, I assumed she was talking about the children’s book published in 1913. But she also could have seen the 1960 Disney film version. If you’re not familiar with those works, they’re about a young girl named Pollyanna who is unfailingly cheerful and optimistic. Thus, the term “Pollyanna” is now used to refer to someone with a constant (perhaps to the point of being unrealistic) upbeat attitude toward life.
  • As we pointed out, Sheriff Valenti is doing a whole bunch of illegal things this episode, from arresting a woman for being cute (OH MY GOSH I CANNOT WITH THIS) to holding juveniles in custody for funsies. It should be very obvious why these things aren’t allowed, but if you want to learn more about the juvenile justice system in New Mexico, here’s a handbook you can check out. If you want to learn more about misogyny, just participate in society. I guarantee you’ll find out lots.
  • And so we don’t end on that huge bummer, please see Figure 4 below for evidence that someone throwing the soap factory party wanted to make sure that Roswell’s party-going youth were eating their vegetables.
White water rafting poster in Topolsky's office
Figure 1: The Poster begins its life in Topolsky’s office.
Figure 2: Topolsky’s gone. Stick that thing in the hallway somewhere. Let it inspire the kids to smoochies.
Figure 3: What indeed, Liz! The poster has been relocated almost as many times as Liz’s hair has changed this morning.
Figure 4: Party on, eat some beets!