Episode 1.11: The Toy House

Maria tries her hand at woodworking. No one understands how grease fires or families work? The Valentis have ANOTHER new house. And the ladies of Roswell stand up to the men of Roswell, though not quite enough. We are back from holiday break and we are talking about Season 1, Episode 11: The Toy House. Won’t you join us?

The grease fire threatens Mrs. Evans as Max looks on before springing to action

Sources & Notes

  • Creepy birds = Hitchcock
  • Here’s a quick explanation of Foley work.
  • Here’s the article Aliza mentioned about Frick and Frack, world-famous comedy ice skaters beloved by all late-90s teens.
  • Just in case you didn’t know which cardboard/butterscotch hunk we were referring to, Riley (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the one with a “balls” poster.
  • Know Your Rights – the ACLU will tell you all about them. Don’t be like Mrs. Evans! (In this regard; generally she’s not a bad role model.)
  • If you ever need to paint over smoke damage, here’s how to do it (hint: not like Max).
  • If you ever need to put out a grease fire, here’s how to do that (hint: also not like Max).
  • Here’s some more information on Sally Jessy Raphael and her career. And she’s still tweeting!
  • The song Max is listening to in his room when he’s sad, and which plays again at the end of the episode, is the Counting Crows’ “Amy Hit the Atmosphere.”
  • We teased the next episode, Into the Woods. If you want to watch the movie and/or listen to the musical in the meantime, we would strongly endorse those decisions – especially if you watch this full performance by the original Broadway cast.