Episode 1.12: Into the Woods

A brand new UFO crashes into town! Liz’s dad suspects Liz is buying drugs from Maria. Michael thinks he’s found his actual father. Kyle calls out Jim for being a terrible father. Join us for our discussion of Season 1, Episode 12: Into the Woods.

Alex & Isabel stargazing

Sources & Notes

  • As Aliza mentioned, there is no Frazier Woods in New Mexico. There is a Frazier Park in California, and a Frazier Woods Conference Center nearby.
  • The Frazier Woods scenes were actually filmed at Topanga State Park in California, according to Crash Into Me: The World of Roswell by Robyn Burnett. Of course, the best Topanga is Topanga Lawrence-Matthews from Boy Meets World. Editor Ashley sure thought to when she put together this little tribute, featuring an outtake from our episode.
  • Tom McCleister plays Rocky Calhoun, and as I mentioned, he also played the parent of Lorne, one of the very best characters on Angel. The wiki refers to this character as “Mother of the Vile Excrement,” so that’s fun.
  • Here’s an article on what x-rays are. Hint: they’re not white-hot lights.
  • I talked about ADR, or Additional Dialogue Recording/Replacement, which we’re pretty sure the Roswell folks used to up their laugh count for this episode.
  • The Society of Professional Journalists says paying for stories is a no-no, although apparently it’s common in Great Britain (yikes). However, as noted below in Corrections, this whole conversation came out of me mishearing a line, so the (fake) folks at the (fake) Roswell Gazette can keep their (fake) heads held high.
  • In the diner when Maria lets Liz know Max is staring at her, originally the song “Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon was playing. Le sigh.
  • Stargazing fact (about actual stars, not our dear sweet Stargazers, Alex & Isabel): the core of the Milky Way isn’t visible during the winter, so it’s unlikely Isabel would have spotted it on this trip, unless that’s one of her special alien powers. If you can look at Cygnus and see a swan, then more power to ya.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, taking echinacea may slightly help with your cold, but the science to back up this claim isn’t really there yet – there haven’t been enough large, well-controlled studies. However, Harvard reminds us that the placebo effect is a powerful thing, so pop that echinacea and think healing thoughts!
  • Apparently sometimes you want police dogs to bark during searches, and sometimes you don’t.
  • We mentioned that the original song playing in the scene between Jim and his dad was Van Morrison’s “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.”
  • Jim’s dad is played by John Collum, who as we mentioned has been in just a whole bunch of stuff over the years. He’s coming up on 90 now and is still acting!
  • The interview with William Sadler that I mentioned was quoted in High Times: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Roswell High by Keith Topping.


Jim says the hiker “spilled his guts” to the Roswell Gazette, not that he sold his story. So that whole conversation about journalistic ethics was kind of moot. Oops.