Episode 1.13: The Convention

The 10th Annual UFO Convention is in town and hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa have a lot of feelings about this gem of an episode!

Roswell 10th Annual UFO Convention Day One

Sources & Notes

  • In case you’re unfamiliar with the special guests who were mentioned but who never materialized, they were William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and Leonard Nimoy. And the guest star we really did get was Jonathan Frakes.
  • If you recall our discussion in the pilot, we mentioned that Kevin Weisman had a part in Buffy season 5. He plays Dreg, one of Glory’s minions.
  • Here’s a bit of info on the history of ballistics testing, which was pretty well established several decades before the universally-known Silo murder.
  • Here’s an article on the word “Grabowski” (and here’s another one), but like I said, I’m curious to hear if any Chicago-area residents have actually heard this word used in the way the article suggests.
  • Learn more about the history of women in the workforce here.
  • As Aliza and I mentioned, Bitter Lake is a national wildlife refuge located in Chaves County.
  • When the sheriff finds Sheila Hubble’s car registration information, her ZIP code is listed as 24952. As far as I could tell, this isn’t a real ZIP code, but being a low number would indicate that it would be somewhere along the East Coast. Roswell’s ZIP codes are 88201 and 88203, with PO boxes assigned to ZIP code 88202. Fascinating stuff, I know.
  • Here’s a list of Roswell police codes, although I haven’t been able to verify which law enforcement agencies use these.
  • The book I read from is Crash Into Me: The World of Roswell by Robyn Burnett.