Episode 1.15: Independence Day

We get a good long look into Michael’s home life situation, and it is super sad. Isabel is acting extremely out of character. Max is being so selfish. But Maria is being a perfect human! This week, hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa dive in to Season 1 Episode 15: Independence Day.

Michael using his powers with Max and Isabel standing by

Sources & Notes

  • We mentioned that there are a bunch of options out there if you want your very own Grief Relief to chug when your crush shows up outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night. We’re not promoting any particular brand, but if you Google and/or Etsy search, you’ll find plenty.
  • If you listened to our conversation going, “WTF is a tincture?,” you can find out here. Also, I stand by my disgusted noises in reaction to Aliza mentioning oil pulling, but lots of people do it so what do I know. (Answer: I know that swishing oil around your mouth feels and tastes disgusting. I tried it.)
  • We talked about Rachael Leigh Cook’s anti-drug and anti-drug-policy commercials, the former of which was referenced by Maria. Here’s the original ad that implied some very frightening things about brain integrity, and here’s the new one that touches on some equally frightening truths about drug policy and mass incarceration in America.
  • Here’s more on New Mexico’s three strikes law, which was a totally unnecessary and unsexy thing for Amy to reference.
  • I talked a bit about New Mexico’s Children, Youth & Families Department, which oversees the foster care system in that state. More resources pertaining to foster care and child welfare are in a separate notes section below.
  • See the Images section below for a look at all the fun decorations in the DeLucas’ kitchen.
  • I am eternally grateful to Sweet-Honeygirl for maintaining this LiveJournal with all the original and replacement music for every episode of Roswell.
  • The excerpts I read were from High Times: An Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Roswell by Keith Topping.


Figure 1: The princess who doesn’t do dishes joins in the awkward fun of this encounter.
Figure 2: Amy with her kitchen cabinet hangings. Who are those children??
Figure 3: Another view of the cabinets. I wonder if Amy and Maria have vacationed at Big Sur. Amy seems like she’d know how to surf.

More Information on Foster Care and Child Welfare in New Mexico


Foster Care

Child Welfare

Juvenile Emancipation