Episode 1.16: Sexual Healing

No Valentis, no laughs, and aaaaalll the making out! We are back and things are super spicy! Join hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa as they dive into Season 1 Episode 16, Sexual Healing.

Liz and Max gazing at each other

Sources & Notes

  • Here’s my source for all that hot, hot make-out info.
  • In case anyone out there somehow doesn’t have the nerd cred to get Isabel’s reference to Captain Kirk and the Klingons, she is of course referring to the characters from Star Trek.
  • My source for Shiri’s and Jason’s heights: literally just Google them.
  • Aliza referred to a character called Bonnie on The Vampire Diairies who performed some Isabel-esque tricks with candles. According to this wiki, Bonnie is quite the talented pyrokinetic!
  • It looks like about half the Roswell High books came out before the show and half came out after it had started airing.
  • Mary Engelbreit is the “Queen of Everything” artist I mentioned. In looking this up, I found her Mary EngelDARK collection, and now I love her even more.
  • Want to go see some ice hockey in New Mexico? The Ice Wolves have got you covered!
  • Here’s an article on the sale of the Foster Ranch, home of the Roswell Incident, to the Dinwiddie Cattle Co.