Episode 1.17: Crazy

Agent Topolsky is back and things are getting a bit crazy! But where is Kyle? And where oh where is our UFO Center owner and the only good adult in Roswell, Milton? Join hosts LaRena and Lisa and our guest host, producer Ashley, as we discuss Roswell season 1 episode 17, Crazy.

Collage of Agent Topolsky, Tess, Michael & Maria, and Max & Liz

Sources & Notes

  • The photo of Katherine Heigl with hot sauce bottles sent in by fans is Figure 1 below.
  • The artist I mentioned whose music I really like is Erin McKeown. And the fiction podcast I love, which Erin has toured with, is Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Check out the IMDb page for Gloria O’Brien, stunt double for Agent Topolsky in Roswell and for Tara Maclay in Buffy.
  • Majandra’s IMDb trivia page backs up my story that her name is short for Maria Alejandra.
  • Check out Aaliyah’s “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” video. Since we recorded this episode, my partner informed me that she was married to noted disgusting person R. Kelly when she was 15, which casts this in a different light.


Katherine Heigl with hot sauce bottles
Figure 1: Katherine Heigl poses with bottles of Tabasco that fans sent in to the WB in an effort to save the show from cancellation. Photo taken in March 2001.

Laugh Count

Laughing alien face with red slash-through indicating no laughs
That’s a big ole zero


Our Milton jingle has lyrics by Lisa Abigail and music and vocals by Aliza Ora.