Episode 1.18: Tess, Lies, and Videotape

Is Sheriff Valenti to be trusted now? What about Tess and her creepy dad, Ed? Sheriff Valenti is spying on the kids, the kids are spying on Tess…where does all this espionage lead to? Join hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa to find out as we discuss Roswell season 1 episode 18: Tess, Lies, and Videotape.

"Max, you're on fire."

Sources & Notes

  • We love Emilie de Ravin and do not fault her for being cast in a role where she was forced to attempt an American accent (and apparently not given a dialogue coach). I did watch a little clip of Once Upon A Time and can confirm that Emilie seems to just be using her regular accent. So if a character from a French fairy tale can be Australian, why can’t an alien from outer space?
  • For a visual on Isabel’s locker decorations, see Figure 1 below. There is indeed a drawing of a pretty brunette girl, along with the logo of Saint Vitus, a 1980s doom metal band that seems maybe not quite Isabel’s style.
  • I feel confident the “Trust No One” sign in the UFO Center is indeed an X-Files reference, based on the fact that it was the title of a season 9 episode, was featured on this mildly disturbing season 10 poster, was the name of an anthology of short stories put out to promote the revival of the series, and just generally gets a bunch of Google image results.
  • Here’s a list of places called “Miramar.” None of them is a country.
  • Aliza pointed out the similarities between the diner in the rain scene in this episode, and the one between Ross and Rachel in Friends. Please see Figures 2 & 3 below for a visual comparison.
  • See Figure 4 below for the little alien inside the Crashdown who appears to be holding a human baby.
  • The contents of Liz’s Crashdown locker are just as mysterious as Isabel’s school locker, if not more so. See Figure 5 below, and let us know if you have any idea who these people might be.
Isabel at her locker
Figure 1: Isabel at her locker
Liz opening the Crashdown door for Max in the rain
Figure 2: Liz and Max
Rachel opening the Central Perk door for Ross in Friends
Figure 3: Rachel and Ross
Michael and Isabel at the Crashdown; alien holding baby behind them
Figure 4: That baby is not receiving proper neck support!
Liz at her locker in the Crashdown
Figure 5: Who are these people?!