Episode 1.19: Four Square

Last episode, Tess kissed Max. This episode, she’s moved on to the big leagues. Watch Tess flirt mercilessly with Liz, Isabel, AND Kyle, and then listen to us discuss it! We also dive deep into Isabel and Michael’s fetus fever dreams, on season 1, episode 19: Four Square!

Isabel, Michael, Tess, and Max overlaid with the four square pattern

Sources & Notes

  • Tess likes to stand very close to our leading ladies. See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below for evidence.
  • I’ve read a lot of alien abduction narratives in my research for our little podcast, so I feel confident in my assertion that what Michael and Isabel (and Max) are experiencing at the hands of Tess is similar to those stories. Here’s a nice, relatively concise History channel article on the prototypical alien abduction story.
  • Roswell Oracle is a fantastic (and still active, as of April 2020) site with tons of great info on the show, including a timeline of the events depicted.
  • Check out our show notes from season 1, episode 18: Tess, Lies, and Videotape for a shot of the alien figure holding the human baby. See Figure 3 below for a look at the alien keeping an eye on Kyle while he’s talking to Liz at the Crashdown.
  • The Arthur C. Clarke book near Liz when she’s spying on Tess at the library is Childhood’s End. Someone in Set Dressing must have been paying attention that day.
  • Check out our minisode series on the real Roswell Incident if you want to learn more about the actual crash site, which was very much not Pohlman Ranch.


Tess way too close to Liz
Figure 1: Tess likes to get close
Tess way too close to Isabel
Figure 2: Very, very close
Alien figure behind Kyle in Crashdown
Figure 3: Kyle and the alien have basically the same facial expression