Episode 1.21: The White Room

We are back—unlike the parents of Roswell. Seriously, where are they?! Pierce has Max locked away in a military torture facility. The rest of the teens are literally everywhere but at home. Michael is learning from Nasedo and expanding his powers. Tess reveals some very cool powers of her own. Max’s fate is in the hands of the Pod Squad and Friends—will they rescue him in time?? Join us as we dive deep into season 1, episode 21: The White Room!

Max in the titular White Room

Sources & Notes

  • As I mentioned, 6025 Murray Lane, which is the address Max gives as his own, is also the address in Jim’s Rolodex for the dearly departed Agent Stevens, FBI. See Figure 1 for pictorial evidence taken from episode 1.17: Crazy.
  • See Figure 2 for the Star of David in Liz’s room, and also for Alex just being the absolute gosh darn perfect guy.
  • See Figure 3 for the UFO painting in Jim’s office.
  • Learn more about the atomic weights of elements, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • The cerebral cortex: it’s most of your brain!
  • Hey Nasedo (and writers), turns out evolution…takes a while???
  • Aliza mentioned guest star Jason Winston George, who joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in 2010 during season 6, so it looks like he was in a handful of episodes in which Katherine Heigl was credited but did not actually appear.
  • See Figure 4 and Figure 5 for evidence that either Nasedo forgot to change the back of Michael’s clothes when he changed the front, or someone on set wasn’t paying close enough attention during pick-ups.
  • ICYMI…Figure 6 shows Isabel with the picture of Max twirling a basketball, which she used to form a connection with him so she could fill him in on the aliens’ plan.

Photos & Figures

Figure 1: What a coincidence!
Figure 2: Alex is the best! Liz is…Jewish??
Figure 3: UFO? You decide! (But yes, it is.)
Figure 4: Business in the front…
Figure 5: …Party in the back.
Figure 6: Isabel with Max’s photo