Episode 1.22: Destiny

We have made it to the FINALE of season one! The Pod Squad and friends finally get some of the answers they have been looking for al season. This episode has everything! There’s teamwork, friendship, love, action, heartbreak, and most importantly…a Backstreet Boy! Join us as we dive deep into season 1, episode 22: Destiny.

Sources & Notes

  • Learn more about special guest star Howard Dwaine “Howie D” Dorough’s illustrious film career – the highlight of which is undoubtedly his two episodes of Dora the Explorer – here.
  • Genie Francis, a.k.a. Alien Mom, has (as of this writing) appeared in more than 1,000 episodes of various soap operas. One thousand!
  • Isabel goes from being certain this body is Nasedo to being like, “um, what?” See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.
  • We made some Lost references in this episode. If you didn’t get them, you can read up on the show here (beware of spoilers).
  • Want to channel Nasedo? You can try your hand at the Create-a-Sim tool for free!

Photos & Figures

Figure 1: She’s sure!
Figure 2: Or maybe not?