Minisde 0.06: Hogwarts Houses

For our minisode this week, Roswell goes to Hogwarts! Join us as we sort Roswell characters one by one into Hogwarts houses. Who’s in Gryffindor? Who’s in Slytherin? And for the love of Dumbledore, which house is Milton in?!

Michael, Maria, Max, Liz, and Isabel with Harry Potter-themed stickers to get them in the spirit

Further Reading

Are you a Harry Potter novice? Not sure what the houses represent? There’s a quick primer on the Wizarding World website, where you’ll also find the official quiz, which will sort you into a Hogwarts house of your very own.

But if you don’t feel like clicking away from this magical page, here’s a very brief (and oversimplified) rundown:

  • Gryffindor = brave and daring
  • Hufflepuff = patient and loyal
  • Ravenclaw = wise and witty
  • Slytherin = cunning and ruthless

If you’re looking for just a ton more information, there are plenty of rabbit holes to fall down on the Harry Potter Fandom Wiki. There, you can learn about the houses, their founders, the traits they value, and famous members of each one.

There has been a glut of articles about Hogwarts houses, exploring the traits of the houses in depth, debating the relative merits of each, explaining why the houses totally do or absolutely don’t matter, and expounding on what your house says about who you are at your core (I like to call this Hogstrology).

It’s not just bloggers and entertainment writers who are diving deep into the world of Harry Potter; there have also been some pretty science-y studies that have looked at the relationship between personality and values as well as actual versus aspirational traits in House assignments.

But at the end of the day, all that really matters is…

GIF of Hagrid saying, "You're a wizard, Harry."

For Our Next Minisode

For minisode 0.07, we’ll be discussing the 1994 made-for-tv movie Roswell starring Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen, and for some reason, Dwight Yoakam. If you want to watch along with us, you can find the movie on YouTube here or here with Spanish subtitles si está practicando su español.

My recommendation for this movie would be to start at the beginning, watch until you get bored (for me, this happened about 2 minutes in), and then just go ahead and skip to 1:09:40, where Martin Sheen finally shows up and gives us a solid 12 minutes of exposition before sliding his sunglasses on in that cool-guy way and heading off into the sunset. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on everything else that happens (it’s not a lot).