Minisode 0.07: Roswell TV Movie

Have you ever seen the 1994 TV movie Roswell? Nope? Never heard of it? Neither had we. And we watched it so you don’t have to. Join hosts LaRena, Lisa, and Aliza as they discuss this high quality movie as well as all the TV shows LaRena has never seen.

Kyle Machlachlan looking intense in screenshot from the movie
  • Find out about all of Kyle MachLachlan’s roles, including a bunch of great shows LaRena has never seen, on his IMDb page.
  • Find out about Martin Sheen’s many, many roles on his IMDb page. Here he is in Captain Planet, looking hot. This is one of the episodes featuring the villainous Sly Stone.
  • Jesse Marcel, Jr. is played by Mighty Ducks smart-aleck Peter aka J.D. Daniels.
  • We think Kyle MachLachlan looks much better now than he does in his old man makeup. See Figures 1 and 2 below for evidence.
  • Lisa Waltz has done a bunch of things, but the only one that matters is My So-Called Life.
  • I’m not linking to the Desperate Housewives IMDb page, because I don’t want to encourage that kind of thing. Sorry, LaRena. GO WATCH MY SO-CALLED LIFE NOW.
  • As I mentioned, Bethesda Naval Medical Hospital is now Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which serves Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel.
Figure 1: Silver Fox (real life, 2019)
Figure 2: Taxidermied Fox (old man makeup, 1994)