Minisode 0.10: Stepsister from Planet Weird

This week we dive into nostalgic feelings, a little light murder, disgusting skin bags, and hot, hot, alien sex! In this episode, we compare this classic kids’ movie to both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Schitt’s Creek. Join hosts Aliza, LaRena, and Lisa as they take a walk down memory lane to discuss the 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie Stepsister from Planet Weird, streaming now on Disney+ (and also on YouTube).

Still from Stepsister from Planet Weird with kids pointing hair dryers at an unseen foe in the sky

Sources & Notes

  • Here’s a nice article on “Disney Channel’s Diversity Vision.” I also want to emphasize that while for some reason it sounds like I’m saying “Pride Family” in the podcast, the show was in fact called “The Proud Family” and was great and had an excellent theme song by Solange with Destiny’s Child.
  • The actor who plays Fanul is Australian, and so is the actor who plays S’vad. So why are their accents so different??? A question for the ages.
  • Cutter’s reference to the girls having a “Betty and Veronica thing” going on is gross, but if you want to read more about the trope, here you go.
  • Yogurt-flavored potato chips are totally a thing – in Japan. You can buy some for yourself by hopping through the magical alien wormhole S’vad and Fanul traveled through! Or, you know, on the internet.
  • Olean is a brand name for olestra, which time named one of its 50 worst inventions back in 2010, thanks in large part to the…unpleasant side effects we mentioned on the show. Happy snacking!