Minisode 0.14: Evolution

This week, we are unfortunately discussing the 2001 alien “comedy” Evolution and mourning the absence of good content. What we all agree is a fantastic plot idea, is ruined by the misogynistic storytelling given to us by the writers and director.

The best part of the whole movie

Sources & Notes

  • Learn more about this awful movie on its IMDb page. You can click over to the Trivia page, where I learned all my fun tidbits about this movie.
  • See Figure 1 below for a look at Ethan Suplee before and after his physical transformation.
  • See Figure 2 for a look at why I refuse to believe that Sunday from Buffy and Nadine from Evolution are played by the same person, Katharine Towne.
  • NASA helpfully lays out the differences among meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites. Take note, movie geologists!
  • Nitrogen-based life forms are pretty darn unlikely, but theoretically I guess not totally impossible.
  • Good news, Aliza! If you win the Nobel Prize, you’re looking at a sweet windfall – about 1 million USD.
  • You can see John Cho’s handsome face in any of these projects, or you can see him below in a screenshot from the movie (Figure 3). I stand by my opinion that they should have just cut to this shot (although preferably in higher quality) instead of giving us the misogynistic nonsense we actually got.


Figure 1: Ethan Suplee then and now
Figure 2: Katharine Towne as Sunday vs. “Katharine Towne” as Nadine. I remain unconvinced.
Figure 3: John Cho in the classroom scene toward the beginning of the movie