Minisode 0.19: Unarius Academy of Science

Join us for another discussion of UFO religion! This time our hosts focus on the Unarius Academy of Science. This religion is full of kindness, positivity, and light…and also lots of quirkiness. We talk about past lives, glam drag sci-fi old ladies, and definitely no self aggrandizement. Learn about Unarius with us!

The Archangel Uriel a.k.a. Ruth Norman

Sources & Notes

  • There are a ton of Unarius videos on this public access channel’s web site, and there are even more on Unarius’s YouTube channel!
  • If you want to learn more about the first law of thermodynamics (energy can be neither created nor destroyed), here’s a discussion.
  • Here’s a spoiler-free look at the points system from The Good Place.
  • For more on Theosophical beliefs about reincarnation and karma, give a listen to our first minisode on UFO religions.
  • Read more about Unarius’s interpretations of Tesla’s ideas on their dedicated website.
  • Unarius also has a dedicated website explaining the “science” of past-life therapy.
  • Check out our Instagram for evidence that Ruth Norman (a.k.a. The Archangel Uriel) is indeed the sci fi glam drag queen of my heart. You’ll also find a photo of Ruth’s Cadillac with the (non-functional) flying saucer strapped to the top of it.
  • Want to attend the next Interplanetary Conclave of Light? We sure do! Find out more details about the annual event here.